Get started with the ZED
in 4 simple steps
ZED video-plus-depth image
Connect your ZED
  • Unpack your ZED and mount it on its mini tripod.
  • Plug the camera in a USB 3.0 port.
Set up your environment
  • Make sure the latest USB 3.0 drivers are installed.
  • Install CUDA 8 and latest NVIDIA drivers.
  • [Linux] Compile and install OpenCV 3.1, more information here.
  • Run the ZED SDK setup tool to install the ZED driver, tools and samples.
Run the ZED Explorer
The ZED Explorer is an application for ZED live preview and recording. It lets you change video resolution, aspect ratio, camera parameters, and capture high-resolution snapshots and 3D video with the ZED.
Play with the samples!
The ZED SDK includes several samples to learn how to use 3D video, depth and tracking data, along with third-party libraries. You can also check our GitHub and Support page. Read the API documentation to learn more, and start experimenting with the samples!