SDK Introduction

The ZED SDK is architectured around the Camera class. Check it's documentation to get started.

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Application life cycle

The ZED SDK provides you several outputs like the depth map, the position/orientation of the camera or the textured point cloud of the scene. The frequency and the accuracy of this data depend on the initial settings that you gave to the SDK. The following scheme resumes its life cycle, it should be a good to keep it aside.


SDK Files

The SDK is installed by default at the following location:

  • on Windows at C:/Program Files (x86)/ZED SDK
  • on Linux at /usr/local/zed

It falls into the following directories:

  • app/ contains binary executables of some ZED camera apps.
  • bin/ (Windows only) contains the Windows DLLs required to use the SDK.
  • dependencies/ (Windows only) contains samples and SDK dependencies.
  • doc/ contains documentations and licence.
    • API/ contains the API documentation in HTML format.
    • license/ contains the licenses of the SDK and its third-parties'.
  • firmware/ contains all firmware version for the ZED and ZED Mini cameras.
  • include/ contains C++ header files of the SDK.
  • lib/ contains the libraries files required to link with the ZED SDK.
  • sample/ contains the ZED SDK samples. Further source codes are available on our GitHub.
  • settings/ (Linux only) (on Windows at C:) contains ZED camera parameters.
  • tools/ contains binary executables to test and use the main SDK features.
  • scripts/ (Jetson) contains scripts activated by the installer to boost the performances of the host PC.